The Branding Concept And Items

Having a symbol or an identification that helps to differentiate two or more things (product from product, persons, from persons, services from services), is the whole idea of branding. Generally, a brand is some kind of identity unique to a particular thing (could be services, products or whatever). This identity helps to build trust about the product or service in question. Branding as we know it is not entirely a new subject. It already existed just that we had not yet assigned the term branding to it. People name people, people name other animals, scientist name bacterial and other living organisms on earth all this is branding; giving unique identity so as to facilitate understanding and be able to differentiate between two or more things. In the business world, these things could either be products, or services.

Definition Of A Brand?

A brand is not just a name or logo, it is so much more. It is the combination of internal and external features of a giving product or service that helps to make it unique and distinguishable from other similar products or services. The brand helps to build customer's trust in a given merchandise. Let us take an example where you are asked to drink a liquid you have been told its sprite, but it is found in an unbranded bottle that looks like that of Coca-Cola, will you drink? I guess No! will be your answer. Well, we all know The Branding Concept And Itemswhy. There is no trust, nothing to prove that the liquid is a sprite drink, so, no identity. But on the brighter side, if you are asked to drink from a sprite bottle and you are told that it is a sprite drink, you will do it hastily because of the presence of an identity (The BRAND).

What Are Branded items

Almost everything in the world can be branded, things like soaps, detergents, shoes, cups, mugs, flip flops, bikes, bicycles, cars, planes, houses, jets, balls, spoons, rubber bands, plate, plastic bags, food, snacks, drinks, sunglasses, pet, t-shirts, and the list continues. By printing either your name, your company's logo or business information on a product, you are creating a branded item. Branded items unlike unbranded items, grow in popularity, build customer's trust, and provide a wonderful customer experience. They also come with an interestingly high price tag, but I must say it is better to pay for what you know than to pay for what you don't know.

As of know, branded items dominate the global market and they are widely used in every part of the world, unlike unbranded items that are still fighting to reach the global market.